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Thread: Removing a cracked ferrule

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    Default Removing a cracked ferrule

    I hope you can help me... the amount of information available on ferrule replacement is thin, at best. I have an old Cuetec cue that I'm trying to recondition for my fiancée. The only problem I'm having is getting the ferrule off. Is there an easy way to remove a cracked ferrule? Do you know if Cuetec uses a standard 5/16-18 thread?

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    The easiest way I have found to remove a cracked ferrule is to have someone else do it

    After alot of trial and error on junk cues, if I had to remove a cracked ferrule myself I would take a cigarette lighter and heat the ferrule. The heat from the lighter will melt the glue and allow you to remove it easily. The biggest mistake I made while attempting this method was leaving a slight burn mark on the shaft, but it looks like it would be easily buffed out if I wanted to keep it.

    Post a reply if you try this method or if you try a different method with better results please!

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    The best way is to turn it off with a lathe. You will have to turn the new ferrule down the same way for a good match.

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