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Thread: brands of chalk

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    just recently picked up some blue diamond chalk was using master before but now i love blue diamond.

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    Blue Brunswick chalk xD, works fine.

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    I agree with DevilJay. The blue Brunswick is good alternative to Master.
    If you have to jump...take the whole cue!

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    Is there any other chalk maker other than Silver Cup that makes chalk in a navy blue? I would like to use a better chalk. I have navy blue felt and have tried the Masters blue and it makes a huge mess on my navy cloth.

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    i live in venezuela and here is not easy to find a good chalk... so i use master but i have never tried something diferent... there are many brand but they are not realy good.. but i would like to tried the balabushka that you all are talking about...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonnic View Post
    I prefer Balbushka chalk it is a little messy but definatly holds the cue the best
    i agree


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    Masters "black" is my personal favorite i find it has better coverage than the masters "blue" and less clumppy than the masters "green".Also i find its the best at sticking to my break cues phenolic tip, and doesn't clump up either. as far as mess wise its about the same as master "blue" about the only time it is a bit more noticeable on the table (standard green, or blue cloth) is where you break from if you break form the same spot every time after the coures of many many many games.
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