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    hi, i've owned a predator bk2 for a good 3 years now. one thing i've noticed is, that chalk isnt grabbing on to the tip as good as before. chalk barely covers the tip, and i've been getting a lot of miscues on my breaks. how can i fix this? any suggestions?

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    First off, it's impossible to have a miscue with a center-of-ball hit, even with NO chalk.
    If you are mis-cueing, it's because you're not hitting the QB in the center. If you are deliberately trying to apply English on your break-shot, you've got the wrong tip.
    Even the hardest leather tip will hold chalk better than phenolic.

    A recent ruling by the BCA has banned the use of phenolic tips for the break-shot. It's been found that the phenolic tip damages the QB. Since it's not your QB, you have no right to damage it. This may not apply to you as you may not play in any BCA sanctioned events. The Pros have moved away from the phenolic tip for this reason.

    You may want to consider replacing your tip with one of leather. You may also want to focus a little more on where you strike the QB. In the meantime, a 'Tip-Pik' can be used to address the glaze on your tip. Chalking the tip before each shot is considered mandatory.
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    thanks for the quick reply KJ! well the miscues never happened for the first 2 years i played with the BK2, but they started happening when the tip just didnt want to hold on to chalk anymore. anyways, can you suggest me any good leather breaking tips on the market now?

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    The Samsara tip is the hardest leather tip out. You can also purchase a sandman tip tool and will do a good job of scoring a phenolic tip.
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